All supplied by genuine patients, but names and other personal details have been removed to protect patient confidentiality.


Dr Seccombe has been incredibly helpful and supportive...

Following a referral from my GP, I had an appointment with Dr Seccombe to review a matter relating to my scalp. 

At the appointment, she was able to diagnose and explain in simple terms the condition and advise on the best course of treatment. However, more importantly, she also offered to perform a check on the rest of my body where, I’m very relieved to say, she identified a mole that concerned her and advised I should have a biopsy on. 

Upon discovering that the mole was a melanoma in situ, Dr Seccombe advised me of the results immediately and prioritised it’s removal the following week. 

Dr Seccombe has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my experience, advising and reassuring me along the way. I am incredibly grateful to her for being so thorough and dedicating her time to make sure both situations were treated and that I felt supported throughout. 

I would highly recommend Dr Seccombe...

My son has been under Dr Seccombe’s medical care for around 8 months or so. My son feels very comfortable when in appointments with Dr Seccombe. She talks directly to him and has empathy for his skin condition. She understands the angst of a teenager with a very uncomfortable and unsightly skin condition. Dr Seccombe is very personable, she is also very knowledgeable. She gave us good advice and recommendations of skin creams and sun creams that would not irritate my sons skin. 

When Dr Seccombe prescribed medication to my son she was always available via email or phone to answer any questions or worries we had. She took any concerns we had very seriously and would always find a solution or put our minds at ease. 

I would highly recommend Dr Seccombe to anyone looking for a highly professional, empathetic and knowledgeable Doctor. 

The whole experience was very easy...

The communication and the welcome at the hospital were as you’d expect and the operation was quick, clean and the result was above expectations. Thank you to Dr Ella and the Team.

Dr. Seccombe was very understanding and reassuring...

I arranged to see Dr. Seccombe regarding hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in my arm pits which has troubled me since my early teenage years. Making contact to arrange an initial via her Secretary was very easy.

Dr. Seccombe was very understanding and reassuring, I felt no embarrassment whatsoever talking about the issue. Botox treatment was then booked and attended which was seamless, bang on time and actually not too uncomfortable.

HOWEVER, the best part is that the result is fantastic. Gone are the days of subtly trying to air out my arm pits in meetings, taking changes of clothes, re-applying antiperspirants throughout the day, being jealous of the dryness of other people’s shirts, the list goes on!

Very highly recommended!

A huge thank you for making me feel like myself again...

Starting roaccutane for the second time was slightly nerving but I was quickly put at ease by Dr Seccombe. The whole process was smooth and made very easy, everything was talked through and communicated perfectly. I can’t thank Dr Seccombe enough for the help, advice and care I was given, and I would recommend her services to anyone.

A huge thank you for making me feel like myself again. 

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